2016 new emp jammer comparison 2015 and 2014 types

Why choose 2016 emp jammer ?

2014 EMP Jmmaer working frequency just 48Mhz,2015 No02 cigarette emp generator working on 600Mhz,2015 No11  ,2016 new emp jammer  Circuit working frequency upto 1000Mhz with better force of penetration

47mhz 600mhz 700mhz frequency Up to 1000Mhz frequency

we will Introduction 5~7 types new jammer of 2016 type :

1.with UHF upto 1000Mhz frequency

2.used battery remove able Design

3.improve jammer cooling system (Extended service life eg Old cigarette  emp jammer easy broken problem)

4.Add frequency optional features(eg,800mhz,900Mhz,1000Mhz,1200Mhz for diffrence slot machine used)

5.Introduction hidden type emp jammer for customer safely used (eg mobile type emp jammer )

New jammer come out in 10 working days and welcome to place the order now You are worth to own

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