2015 emp jammer

Cigarette generator emp divider

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Cigarette generator emp divider  for: single slot machine, line slot machines, roulette slot machine coin type, paper type, type of lottery, the electronic currency read card reader. At price 150usd/pc  136Euro/pc 

Cigarette divider product introduction:
Power supply voltage: 12.6V
Working voltage: 45V
Working mode: remote control 4 output, high frequency pulse
Antenna mode: built-in + enhanced external [non removable]
Color: Marlboro instrument
Instrument size: 90X55X30MM
Instrument power: 20W
Power switch: single switch
Heat radiation mode: internal heat sink

Cigarette generator emp Instrument features: This machine adopts remote control + cigarette packaging, reliable shape concealment, original microcomputer program control, with four kinds of pulse frequency to send a more stable and accurate, a key: 3HZ+460MHZ mixing signal
B key: 6HZ+460MHZ mixer signal, C key: 9HZ+460MHZ mixer signal, D key: 12HZ+460MHZ mixer signal, the use of electronic voltage booster circuit equipment higher operating voltage, power stronger.
Instrument power supply:
1, single hole charging note: special charger
2, the use of 3 series A product lithium battery voltage boost [45V], the capacity is greater, more durable
3, the battery is used to automatically restore the fuse, the safety performance is higher
4, charger current maximum 350 Ma, battery charging faster
Cigarette generator emp Firing head:
1, the coil is made of high quality wire, precision winding, more standard, more stable
2, imported high power transistors [power stronger]
3, the latest debugging method, the power is more powerful

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  1. Hi. I want to make an order for Romania and I want to know the payment method and the time that needs to be shiped.And also if that really works on real slot machine( I might lose a few thousands euro if it doesnt works).Thank you.

  2. hellooo there is it possible to get one of These? and will it work for the Slot machines and how to use it, so it doesnt make anyother noises.. so that other ppl may hear?

    best regards


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