New jammer slot machine with External antenna power adjustable

Big power jammer slot machine coin paper money bill acceptor jammer for Europe and America
Slot Cheating device Make casino machine easy to win Jammer slot emp generator for slot

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Old No25 :

Now we have update to following :

This emp generator jammer Applicable models: single slot machine, wire slot machines, roulette slot machine coin type, paper type, type of lottery, Europe and the United States machine,, machines, animals 3D, 3D racing.
Working voltage: 36V
Working mode: 850MHZ direct frequency
Antenna mode: built-in to enhance the antenna [removable]
Instrument color: Black
Instrument power: 29W
Power switch: single open
Heat radiation mode: internal heat system

Jammer slot machine Function:
Button 1 for mix frequency 850~900mhz Button 2 for fixed frequency 56Mhz(don’t power on 1 and 2 in the same time)
Low power / high power can select (as the photos)
Mix Frequency can adjustable by the blue knob(as the photo)
Notice :Each hole charge 5~10 minutes, try not to overshoot

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