Best of the world Automatic EMP Jammer EM-02 for sale

Best EMP Jammer User Manual

  1. Recommend to use 8.4V rechargeable battery from VATRA or POWEREX.
  2. Remove the aluminum foil from the cigarette box before inserting our product into it to avoid power loss.
  3. The launch button can be pushed by pressing the cigarette box. However, do not block the coil or the emission power will be reduced.
  4. The green light inside the coil will blink when you press the launch button. Recharge the battery when you press the launch button and the green light turns off.
  5. The antenna (hexagon) must be touched to the slot machine as shown. If doing correct, the number will increase, flash or the screen will blink.
  6. The metal housing of slot machine will reduce the interference especially with large area of metal plate.
  7. Launching to the correct position will only take 5 to 15 seconds per shot to see the result; otherwise, you are just draining your battery life by holding the launch button continuously.
  8. You must continue to generate the interference to keep winning prices from the slot machine.
  9. Be aware, some slot machines will exit the coins or raffle tickets directly after using our product.
  10. This product is only for testing purpose. We are not responsible for your unauthorized or illegal activity.

A.    The knob which adjust the power and speed of the emission. Turn left (reduce the emission power), and turn right (increase the emission power). Reduce the emission power only when you want to avoid the security detection. Higher emission power will result in better interference.

B.    Launch button

C.    Insert three 9V batteries

D.    For external antenna use. It allows you to exchange different type of antenna to increase the performance. Product can still be function even without the external antenna.

Automatic type can put in cigarette box

Has the following advantages:

  • Transmit signal stability will not generate feedback interference
  • 8 in 1 detection Performance greatly improved
  • The button adopts the high current replaceable contact shrapnel design which is not easy to breakdown
  • Voltage display function
  • Stronger signal penetration
  • Power adjustable function
  • The transmitted signal can be strong, weak, fast and slow for more slot used (no need buy more jammer )
  • The volume small can put in the cigarette case

Instructions for use:
The product you buy is not a remote control (the store is  not a fool so you can go to a remote receiver to win its money)
This product is a strong electric field tester must be close to the designated place test machine
Suggested use: (9V Nanfu battery brand basic) or high current 9V rechargeable battery
Automatic type: press and hold

Manual type: must be interrupted launch or not function and easy broken the jammer (press and release each second 2 times )
Notice 1. finger should not be too close to the coil or jamming signal will be block by your finger    2.must touch the tube glass will shine

Why not light? :

1- power is too low
2- When is used, the finger should not be too close to the coil (because it is too close to the human body and the body will absorb it)

3- the front coil must touch the lamp tube to shine

Why and when is the 6 angle screw connected? The function of connecting the 6 angle screw and connecting the external antenna is the same that to Enhance the power .Unless you want to touch the metal of the coin port /the rocker head metal/put in to coin port or you no need connect antenna or 6 angle screw

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