2015 jammer emp Notes slot machine jammers

At price 150usd/pc  136Euro/pc 

jammer emp Product introduction:

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Power supply voltage: 12.6V
Working voltage: 24V-36V
Working mode: pulse
Antenna mode: built-in + enhanced external – Removable
Instrument color: transparent
Instrument size: 80X50X21MM
Instrument power: 20W
Power switch: Double
Heat radiation mode: internal heat sink
Trial models: single line slot machines, slot machines, roulette slot machines, coins, paper money, lottery type
Instrument features: the use of crystal integrated package, waterproof anti shock and anti interference, the crystal package is stronger, faster heat dissipation
, single hole charging more convenient, direct voltage boost can be more convenient to achieve a more ideal voltage, all of the imported electronic accessories
Quality is more stable.

emp jammer for sale Instrument power supply:
1, 12V single hole charge note: special charger
2, the use of 3 series A product lithium battery voltage boost [36-39V], the capacity is greater, more durable
3, the battery is used to automatically restore the fuse, the safety performance is higher
4, charger current maximum 350 Ma, battery charging faster
Firing head:
1, the coil is made of high quality wire, precision winding, more standard, more stable
2, imported high power transistors [power stronger]
3, the latest debugging method, the power is more powerful

slot machine jammer emp Frequency regulation method:
Clockwise frequency
Counter clockwise frequency
Voltage regulation method:
Clockwise voltage reduction
Increase the counter clockwise voltage

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