How to used jammer on wukong oceanking 2 BMW Ferrari crocodile

How to used CTS Jammer on table game ?wukong oceanking 2 BMW Ferrari crocodile

The only place to jamming the table games are Control panel( wukong oceanking 2 BMW Ferrari crocodile etc) press the jammer power on from count Number  8 seconds until to 2  seconds (Don’t long time press the jammer power  Avoid triode burnout)

how yo jamming wukong

Why need jamming this place and can i used the jammer in pocket ?

That area other side with more cables and used the cable we can make the jamming signal in to A main board then make games Go crazy(easy to win or easy to open big Winning)

Some one sell 46 hight bet jammer or  only open monkey  (Don’t believe it, that just a Fraud and we don’t supply that kind of  jammers)EMP device can jamming Electronic product and can help you win on slot or table games that real can  Improve the chances of winning but not 100% each time 

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