2016 EAS Jammer EAS blocker for Supermarket used

EAS Jammer

eas jammer generator EAS Jammer

150 USD/pc Here to buy it

This equipment is designed for safety system vulnerability testing
Work on NENG % of the system
Shielding attenuation of signal transmission equipment security tag/label and the east Asia summit reciver module will not receive the signal of security tags
Working power supply: 12 v lithium battery
Voltage range: 8.4 V to 8.4 V
[2.4 hours can continuous operation]


Job scope: 3.9 meters
Frequency range: 58 + 6.78 Mhz + 8.2-10 Khz 2 Mhz
Size: 85 x50x21 mm
Weight: 160 g
Color: white
Instruction: the LED indicator
Launch: frequency mixing to send more

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