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2016 emp jammer tutorial

emp jammer tutorial Product introduction:

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Working voltage: 12.6V
Working mode: 90MHZ direct frequency
Antenna mode: built-in to enhance the antenna [non removable]
Instrument color: Black
Instrument size: 55X45X20MM
Instrument power: 10W
Power switch: Double
Heat radiation mode: internal heat sink
Applicable models: single line slot machines, slot machines, roulette slot machine. [suitable for the old run light panel test]
Instrument features: the latest low frequency radio frequency signals, the ability of super strong, 4 in one, 6 in one, 9 in one, 12 in one, 20 in one alarm, the electronic dog can also be passed,. Adopt imported transistor voltage capability.

Firing head:
1, high quality enameled wire coil with bold, precision around, more standard, more stable, more power
2, imported high power transistors [power stronger]
3, our emp jammer tutorial with the latest debugging method, the frequency is more stable

Demostración de Jammer con el que puedes subir los créditos que quieras en cualquier maquina pinball que este en México de 5, 6 y 7 bolas.
Puedes subir créditos y vaciar las maquinas ya que activa el sensor de hopper es el que regula y libera la canasta de monedas.

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  1. 2016 emp jammer
    how to buy 2016 emp jammer like you ? I interrese and nescessidade to know the deadline for Brazil Sao Paulo

      1. Ello jeff i would like to buy one of these for testing and would it be possible for you to send me one of your voltage testers so i wont over charge it

          1. Thanks jeff t i wil get it next week monday through my friends computer as i dont have do i order from cts or dhgate

          2. Thanks jeff t i wil order this monday through my friends computer as i dont have one also how much is it and do i order it through cts or dhgate thanks again jeff

  2. Hi how are you . I live in Brazil and would like to know if it works in paper money Halloween machines. thank you

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